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I am a front-end developer, JavaScript addict, open sourcer and an amateur designer, working for Tatweer Software in Dubai, U.A.E

go ahead and drop me a line.. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “About Me

  1. JodyK

    Hi Anas

    I love your multi-accordion plug-in — it works flawlessly for me so far.

    My problem is that the interface I am building uses Tabs to hold various pieces of information.

    I need to have accordions on the first tab and that works great. However, all of my other Tabs no longer behave like tabs. All of the Tab content just lays out down the page.

    If I rearrange the order of the Javascript files so that the Tab files (jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.js) are below (after) your accordion files (jquery.multi-open-accordion-1.5.3.js), the Tabs work but the accordions don’t. Rearranging them with yours last, makes the accordion work but not the tabs.

    Clearly there is a conflict, but I’m nowhere near as experienced as you.

    1) Should I be able to use your plug-in with JQuery tabs?

    2) Is so, any ideas what might be causing the conflict?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Also, how do I donate to you?



    1. Anas Nakawa Post author

      thanks for the nice words, I don’t know why it is not working with you, I have just tried it, and you can see the end result here http://jsbin.com/ayaguy/2
      please make sure to load jquery ui script first, then my plugin as it is totally based on jquery ui framework,
      then call the tabs initiation first, after that initiate my plugin, in the previous link, if you click edit, you will see the javascript code, or you can go to this link directly http://jsbin.com/ayaguy/2/edit#javascript,html
      don’t get panic when you’ll see a bunch of rubbish script code in the html tab on the right, it is just a minified version of my plugin,

      as for the donation, I really appreciate that, but it is not required, this plugin has solved my problem once, and i though it would be nice to solve others too 🙂

  2. JodyK

    How sweet are you, Anas? Thank you so much for the reply and the example. Far beyond what you had to do… I appreciate it very much and if you ever do accept donations, let me know immediately. I’ll get to trying your fix right now. Thank you again! With much appreciation, JodyK

  3. JodyK

    Hi Anas.

    I’ve run into a problem and want to know if I can hire you to help me solve this problem. I checked out the example you posted and can get that to work on my server.

    The problem comes in when I add in some of my older JQuery code that controls and styles the tabs.

    Please let me know if I could hire you to troubleshoot this.

    Thank you!


  4. Valerie Gelinas

    I’m new in the design stuffs and I found your plug in for the multi-accordion. I don’t know how to integrate it in my project. Can you explain me how I can do this please? Thank you!!


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